Rocket fuel for your ecommerce hit rate

Search, discover, and track qualified ecommerce sellers using Starlight’s powerful lists and smart collections.

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Amazon, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Lazada, Shopee, and more...

250,000+ of growing verified sellers on the largest platforms

Introducing your smart, simple, sales stack

Search, slice, dice your target hit list

There isn’t a faster way to build your target hit list.

Starlight saves you time and gets you better data with intuitive ecommerce categories and attributes.

Discover promising prospects you missed

It’s like lookalike audiences for top accounts.

Starlight estimates revenue and traction to suggest you prospects that you should be targeting, but missed.

Intelligent alerts for your dormant accounts

Spend less time on research, more time on sales.

Starlight keeps an eye on your target leads and sends alerts when it’s time to outreach.

Data-driven prospecting is collaborative

When your team wins, your customer wins.

Starlight makes lead prospecting and outreach a team sport with intuitive and compliant collaboration features.

Dynamic sales intelligence for winning in ecommerce

Exhaustive Insights

Filter 20+ (and growing) ecommerce attributes. Historical data and growth metrics.

Discovery Assistance

Smart lists surface qualified target companies. Better than humans. Alerts assist outreach.

Ecommerce Graph

Revenue, basket size, reviews, 3PL, marketing channels, payment providers etc. All verified.

AI Data Crunching

Smart data cleaning and verification. Refreshed automatically.

Bring Your Own Data

Import your first-party leads and accounts. Personalise your recommendations.

(Coming soon)

Integrations, API

Enrich your database. Integrate your workflow. Webhook alerts.

(Coming soon)

Data-driven sales, timely outreach, better hit rate

" When researching leads for a new market, Starlight’s smart collections suggested us solid leads that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. The launch of that market got off on great footing. "

Head of expansion at growth-stage startup. Their team used Starlight during the first steps of new market entry

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$299 / user / month

10 times cheaper than hiring a SDR
Thanks for joining our limited beta 🥳
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